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Quill Global is a dynamic African-based PR and strategic communications firm. Leveraging knowledge and networks through Africa, Europe and the US, Quill's team of communications professionals offers fully integrated and tailored services, helping our clients evolve, promote, and protect their brands. We don't simply help our clients survive in a rapidly changing communications landscape—we help them thrive in it. 

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Areas of Practice

Brand strategy

Your brand is more than just a product and logo—it’s your promise, your personality, and your primary tool to connect with customers everyday. Quill Global understands the creative, emotional, and strategic elements that go into executing a successful brand strategy, ensuring that your marketing tells a story and that your product has meaning for the right people.  

creative and production

From stunning websites to beautifully-shot videos, Quill Global engages with a network of world-class designers and producers, guiding the process as we translate your objectives into profound creative expressions.  

Digital marketing

The way people consume digital information is constantly in flux, so your digital footprint must adapt quickly. Through our knowledge of strategic marketing concepts and digital tools, Quill Global helps you earn brand equity in this dynamic environment, allowing you not only to reach more customers but also to build better relationships.  

public affairs

Building and maintaining positive engagement with external stakeholders is vital to a company's success. Quill Global has the knowledge and networks to let your voice be heard, allowing you to play a roll in the discussions about policy and regulation that impact your business. 

advertising & Media planning

Reputation, awareness, brand equity--they all depend on achieving the right combination of media placements and timing. At Quill Global, we source and select the optimal platforms and guide your strategic communications planning to achieve your objectives, leaving you to focus on what you do best--your core business.

event management 

Events are an increasingly important part of outreach, engagement, and awareness building. With experience in conferences, press briefings, and corporate gatherings, Quill Global can make your next event and striking success.  


Quill Global is a proud partner of the Africa Fintech Summit on 19 April 2018 in Washington, DC.

Fintech is disrupting banking, finance, and even money as we know it. It’s a global phenomenon, but in Africa more than anywhere, the impact has the potential to be both socially and economically transformative.

However, information gaps threaten to mute this potential. A lack of engagement between US investors and Africa’s entrepreneurs is an obstacle for the flow of ideas and capital, while various players within the fintech ecosystem—from policy makers to innovators—operate largely isolated from one another.

The Africa Fintech Summit will address these challenges by gathering investors, disruptors, and regulators from across Africa and the US at the storied National Press Club, the day before the spring meeting of the IMF.

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